Online Zoom Workshops 

On these workshops you will receive a handout with all the information. 

Zoom link will be send to you once you have booked onto a workshop.

Gifts of Mother Earth: Crystals and Essential Oils 

Wednesday, 23rd September 2020 - 6pm - £12 


On this 2.5 hours workshop, we will look into the relation between 7 crystals and essential oils to pair them, enhance your energy and improve health.

Bring a clear quartz to the workshop if you have one. If not, bring a crystal of your preference.   


 Shamanic Power Animals 

Wednesday, 21st October 2020 - 6pm - £12 

This 2.5 hrs workshop is an invitation to gather together learn and journey with your power animal just before the Wheel of the Year turns into Samhain.

Let's learn about power animals and their different clans. How to connect with them on this dark time of the year, bringing strength and resilience.  

power animals.jpg

   Aromatherapy for SAD - Stress, Anxiety and Depression 

    Wednesday, 11th November 2020 - 6pm - £12

 On this 2.5 hours workshop, you will learn how essential oils can support your well-being throughout the winter months, improving several  conditions. A small list of essential oils will be sent to you prior the workshop 

aromatherapy  SAD.jpg

 Self-Reflexology on the Hands to Boost Immune System 

 Wednesday,9th December 2020 - 6pm - £12 


 On this 2.5 hours workshop, you will learn techniques to help you distress   and boost your immune system via the ancient meridian system that flows   on the hands and feet. Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy that promotes   relaxation and well-being.