Avalon Walking Tours

You can always create your own tours and walks, there are few examples of what can be done in Glastonbury and surroundings areas

Nandini is a Priestess of Goddess, that has personally dedicated to Brighde, will be your ceremonial Priestess

for any of these journeys. 

Sacred Springs and Tor  


Meeting both sacred springs, the female and male energies and a meditation walk through the gardens

of the Chalice Well to experience the energies of the Sacred Feminine.


We will connect to the trees, flowers, herbs and Symbol of Vesica Piscis. Gathering at the head of the well

to connect with the red thread of our mother lines and to re-member who we are and that we are all connected,

we will gather in circle and call in our mother lines. We will spend 1 ½ hrs to 2hrs in Chalice Well.

At the White Spring Well House, our ceremony will be dedicated to the Element of Water – Mother of Water Goddess Domnu. We will spend some time on the Brigid Altar, Goddess of Healing and the Horned God - Male principle. If you feel inspired you can bring a towel/swimming costume to have a deep in one of the spring water feed pools. It is a bit slippery, dark and wet, so take care.

In the afternoon, we climb Glastonbury Tor in meditative procession, taking in the sounds, wind and stillness of the views. We will have a ceremony for the element of Air, using sage to cleanse each other and our auric fields, getting ready to withdraw the senses and connect to the spiral of energy of Archangel St. Michael, the powers of the Upperworld and Mary Magdalene as both ley lines meets at the Tor.

Holy Grail, Abbey and Mary Magdalene 

On this journey, we will explore the legends and lore of the Holy Grail, and visit the evocative ruins of Glastonbury Abbey to view the Lady Chapel, the reputed grave of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

In the Abbey, there is an orchard that has a deep connection to the Lady of Avalon, Nandini will help us to connect

with the Lady of Avalon, asking Her to bring Her purple healing and supportive energies for this day of exploring

the sacred Divine feminine.

We will have some time to spend connecting to the trees, herbs and flowers of the medieval herb garden

and collecting some to create for your own Priestess/Shamanic Pouch.

Nandini will teach us how to make our own talisman of power and presence so it will be a part of your memory

once you leave Avalon. Priestess Pouches has been worn by Priestesses and Shamans for thousand of years,

they can hold magic objects, amulets, leaves, flowers, stones or any objects that connect the wearer to Nature

and Her magic gifts. Pouch is worn around the neck in order to keep it close to wearer’s heart.


After lunch, we'll visit a medieval chapel, said to be a site to a pagan temple, Chapel of St Margaret, which has a deep resonance with Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene was known as a temple harlot and is the matron saint of childbearing women. 

The qualities of Goddess are contained within stories and images of Mary, mother of Jesus and those of Mary Magdalene, who today is being revealed as the lover of Jesus and mother of his children. At the chapel, Nandini will conduct a small meditation focused on the healing of Her powerful presence and teach us a prayer to Mary Goddess and Mother of All. We will light a candle and perhaps some incense, thanking Her for her gifts of healing, childbearing, transformation and love.



 Bride's Mound - Trail of Brigid, Goddess & Saint 


A visit to  Bride's Mound which is a holy place, said to be where St. Brigid (Brigid - Goddess of Healing, Smithcraft, Poetry, Wells and Springs) who visited and spent some time there in an oratory dedicated to Mary Magdalene. There was an old chapel on the top of thissmall hill which said to contain possessions left by St. Brigit when she left for Ireland including a necklace, a bag for collecting herbs and her bell. There is a long history of connection between Glastonbury and Ireland beginning with the Goddess Brigit and continuing into Christian Times.


We will start our pilgrimage walking up to Weary Hill onto the top of swan’s head (One of the Power animal of  Goddess) and visiting the Holy Thorn, a magic tree said to be planted there by Joseph of Arimathea where we can tie ribbons with our wishes.

We will carry on walking down the hill towards the Bride’s Mound. This is an old way to reach the mound where once upon a time, one would have get on a boat of reach Bride’s Mound. Today, we can walk there.

Bride’s Mound is a place of power and deep connection with Earth and it is in alignment with the Tor. Nandini will guide us to connect to Mother Earth and create a small altar (please, bring small items that can be left and biodegradable as offering to Mother Earth). A small head of well dedicated to St.Brigit is nearby on the river Brue, a river also dedicated to Goddess. Here, we will honouring the Great Mother, Mother Earth, Banbha – Goddess of Earth, connecting deep to ancestral lines. If it not too much wind, we will have a guided visualization to meet the Holy Grail.


Prices on walk tours start at £75 (Final prices depend on number of people and length 

of the tours)